Predictive Maintenance is a smart remote monitoring solution that offers machine health monitoring of the critical rotating equipment in the Manufacturing and Process Plants. With a quick Plug-n-Play module and robust predictive  technology, we make sure that you get ‘real time & accurate’ analytics.

Predictive Maintenance Solution helps you better plan your maintenance schedule, increase machine uptime and overall industrial costs. Deployment of Predictive Maintenance Industry 4.0 complemented with condition monitoring maintenance strategy helps you to enhance operational productivity and efficiency and transform your industry into a SMART industry!

Digitize Diagnostics in a Minute


Quick Installation

Installs on any machine within seconds through a Magnetic Connection.


Instant Feedback

Provides instant feedback through Visual fault-detecting indicators.


Hassle-free Monitoring

Monitor and record data and notifications remotely with ease.

*With 4 International Patents to its name, our partners is rapidly becoming a household name in the field of high-frequency predictive maintenance analytics and scalable machine digitization.*


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