Predictive Maintenance
Predictive Maintenance Solutions

A Smarter and Efficient way to Predictive maintenance lets you monitor equipment health to avoid future failures during manufacturing operation.

Production Dashboard
Production Dashboards

Achieve greater goals with support from cutting-edge technology on the backend.

Industry 4.0
IIOT and Industry 4.0 Solutions

Transforming businesses for Industry 4.0, achieving next-level operational excellence.


Delivering systems and services at lightning speed, keeping you at the front, always.

App Development
Mobile App Development

Equipping businesses for the fast-paced world by offering on-the-go access to your clients.

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Ideas to Impacts provide Industrial Internet of Things (IoT) solutions for businesses to help them stay relevant in today’s Industrial Revolution. With the world moving towards smarter and more efficient technologies, we help Industrial IoT companies be at the forefront.

We are on a mission to help India transform into a technology leader, thus, 

‘Distributing The Future Evenly’

IoT Solutions

We deliver high-performance services to help industrial IoT companies embrace innovation and tackle the ever-changing challenges of today’s digital world. Designed to meet your specific needs, our services capture and deliver business value in a cost-effective way. Based on your strategic objectives, we focus on business outcomes in software IoT product engineering, Performance engineering, Automation and Testing, DevOps, advanced technologies AI/ML engineering, and etc.


A Plug-n-Play Module that ensures 'Infinite Uptime' of your machines.


Cutting-edge, reliable solutions to keep you at the fore-front in Industry 4.0


Experienced Product Engineering Solutions to help you deliver every time.


Reliable Tech Support to get you all the way to the top of the Industry.


Smart Tech deployment to grow your production and quality ten folds.


Development of Automated Systems to harness utmost productivity.


Innovative, Adaptive Development to help you go mobile.

Our experts are always ready to assist.

What is Ideas To Impacts?

A word from our founder.

Industries We Serve


As promised by Infinite Uptime, the IDE sensor provided valuable data to find the root cause of abnormal vibration of the helical gearbox. With scheduled maintenance, vibration levels are normal now. We found the IDE sensor useful to avoid the breakdown.​
Mr. Shashikant Bhujbal
Tata Steel Tarapur

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