Align the speed of your software development with your pace of doing business. The Ideas to Impacts DevOps Automation service helps you deploy new software continuously, at a faster pace, and with fewer failures. Break down the walls between your Dispersed Engineering, Development, and Security Teams. Establish a successful application development lifecycle with DevOps solutions practicing lean development approaches in projects for global companies and market-leading startups.

DevOps Automation Services


Infrastructure Monitoring

Infrastructure monitoring using Kibana to ensure pre-mature problem detection.


Code Automation

Use of CI/CD Pipeline to automate code and save valuable time.


Automated Deployments

Timely, fast and reliable deployments on SIT and UAT


Health Status Check System

Setting up solutions to keep keen eye on the health of the systems.


SMS and Email Alerts

Triggering notifications for the IT dept for faster response.

DevOps in a Nutshell

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